With 8 centuries of history, Château Ramafort has stood the test of time. Originally built as a medieval fort to protect the northern Médoc peninsula, its strongholds have softened, becoming a fairytale castle surround by beautifully manicured vines.

Our wines bear fruit of a unique terroir that generously offers both authenticity and complexity. A true respect for the vines and the soil, coupled with the alliance of tradition and modernity in how we work, and our constant search for optimising what mother nature delivers, allows us to consistently produce the most enjoyable wine that is true to it’s origins.

We’re fortunate to have a wonderful team of women and men with years and years of experience. They are dedicated and meticulous in their work, and although primarily focused on the present, they are always projecting well into future. It’s an important aspect of our work, when the wines we produce require time to mature, and may reach their pinnacle in 10-20 years time.

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“At Château Ramafort, it’s not simply a marriage of soil and climate. It’s the gentle slopes offering themselves to the sun, the hare that leaps happily over the vines, the birds who nest in our trees, the bees who come to visit in search of wild flowers, and the sea of clouds that float past us in the early morning. It is our communion with these surroundings that allow us to compose our wines, embracing it all, and bottling it for others to love.”


The vineyard


An Inimitable style
The reason Château Ramafort has survived for centuries upon centuries is simply due to an exceptional terroir cared for from one generation to another. From the first winemakers to those of today, all have worked to reveal something magical in each glass. In our extraordinary underground cellar, each bottle develops it’s aromas, slowly over time, before being delivered to the wine lovers around world.

A Feminine Touch
Since joining the vineyard in 2000, Magali Guyon (former winemaker at Château Lynch-Bages) has passionately delivered some of the most memorable vintages in living memory. Marrying astonishing precision and a remarkable vision, and with the most technologically advanced tools at her disposal, she ensures the purest expression of our terroir. Her constant search for finesse and elegance delivers harmonious and perfectly balanced wines that fully express the nature of our unique little plots of land, and that continue to stand the test of time.

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We welcome guests daily to discover the philosophy and spirit behind one of the médoc’s finest cru bourgeois wines.
You will visit the château, walk among the vines, explore our spectacular underground cellar, and taste the secrets of our terroir, while admiring the panoramic view from our tasting room.

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Springtime 2024

The vineyard is a sea of purple green and gold

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If you live within 480 km from Château Ramafort

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We were present on the collective stand of Crus Bourgeois at Vinexpo Singapore

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We were present at the primeur and avant primeur tastings in London and Bordeaux, as well as the Good Wines Only events in Bordeaux and Lille.

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